The Next Step

The Next Step…

The first memory I have of career aspirations was when I was about 10 years old. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I remember making clothing for my dolls; for my friends; and for my friends dolls! I used to draw …a lot. I drew and designed clothing with big things in mind. I wanted everyone to look fantastic. I wanted to help them feel fantastic by dressing them in amazing clothes!

I graduated with a scholarship, but there was no fashion design school in town; luckily, there was a fine arts and photography program at the local college. My creativity had been satiated through highschool by an old Minolta camera and a darkroom. It was the logical choice. A choice that for those who know me, know followed me in a 30+ year career.

I did get the chance to spend time in the fashion world though! A few years after my first stint in college, I attended Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver. I explored the world of cosmetology, fashion design, illustration and marketing. I was thrust into the heart of Vancouver’s fashion district working in Yaletown and in the Showmart Building. My camera was always close by 😉

In the years before I hung up the camera, my passion was making women feel amazing in their own skin! …to show them a side of themselves they were maybe unaware of. We did hair and makeup, played dress up and they spent time in front of the camera letting their inner beauty out. It was immensely rewarding to watch people really SEE themselves in the after photos.

When I wasn’t in the studio, I was in the clinic. For 16 years, I helped people to reach their full potential from physical point of view. Assessment and treatment of dysfunction. … it too, has been rewarding. Watching someone walk without a cane for the first time in years. Helping to give someone the freedom to brush their own hair, or to run a marathon, or get on the floor and play with their grandbabies. Helping people. That’s what I like to do.

I truly feel that this next step is a culmination of the things I love. I love the clinical sciences. I’m a nerd and will always continue to look at things from that perspective. Combine that with a love of beauty, of helping people… the love of seeing people happy with themselves and you have my encore career… Medical Aesthetics.

I love The Clinic. I am blessed to have amazing therapists working here, following their passion of helping people reach their goal of living pain free. They are assessing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunction… and they do it well. I’m beyond blessed to be adding another dimension to The Clinic with assessment of skin, and the treatment of dysfunction on that level. A one stop body shop.

Feel free to follow my journey, my blog and my Instagram and learn about exciting things like the eradication of spider veins and age spots! Or about how there are non-surgical options for cellulite reduction, skin tightening… options that have very little, if any, downtime. How even 30 minutes can have you heading toward the fountain of youth at The Clinic.

The renos start at The Clinic tomorrow and I’ll be ready to see you about March 15th! How can I help?