Tu’El Pro Facials

Tu’el products contain no phthalates, sulfates, parabens synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, or BS. Being good to your skin can mean being good to the planet and it’s creatures. Every product is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and bunny-friendly!

A killer glow comes from feeding your skin with professional-grade botanicals and cold pressed extracts rich in nutrients as powerful and pure as nature made them. Tu’el skincare uses high concentrations of the most powerful plant extracts the planet has to offer—active botanicals and minerals rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins that actually feed your skin from the outside in. There are no potentially harmful ingredients near any of the products, because when the active ingredients are as good as Tu’els, you don’t need anything else to see radiant results.

Wash + Glow – $59
Cleanse, Refine, Nourish and Finish with this 30 minute Express Facial. The perfect pick-me-up to reveal softer, more radiant, glowing skin when you’re on the go and short on time.

Tu’El Signature Facials – $89
Your skin expert will deep cleanse, exfoliate + refine, nourish, massage and finish your treatment with a compliment of targeted serums and enhancers infused with active botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins to reveal softer, more luminous skin.
For optimal and ongoing results, a series of 4-6 treatments 2 weeks apart is recommended

Mature (Rescue + Lift)
avocado, carrot seed, rosewood and siberian ginseng
This anti-aging facial is designed to restore brightness and bring radiance to skin experiencing dryness, discoloration and uneven texture and tone.
Take home products – Power Scrub $49 | Hydrate Serum $68 | Rescue Cream $79

Acne (Make Amends + Detox)
grapefruit, sage, lemon and bergamot
The use of skin clarifying, detoxifying and calming products will improve the appearance of lesions and help to manage excess oil, comedones, redness and post inflammatory discoloration.
Take home products – Power Peel Gel $59 | Absorb Serum $79 | Clear it Blemish Control Gel $59

Combination (Balancing Act)
lemongrass, ivy, burdock and cypress
Balance, Strengthen, Hydrate and Calm your skin with this perfect combination of products to control oil production while moisturizing skin and minimizing irritation.
Take home products – Power Scrub $49 | U Turn Serum $100 | Balance Cream $63

Hydrating (Moisture Plus)
cucumber, geranium, rosemary and shea butter
Nourish, Stimulate, Hydrate and Moisturize skin that is oil depleted. This will help stimulate oil production and seal in moisture to refresh and strengthen your skin.
Take home products – Power Scrub $49 | C Power Serum $85 | Moisture Cream $63

Light + Bright Eye Mask – $79
Cleanse + refine, lift + brighten using anti-aging and hydrating products to tighten and reduce puffiness. Finish by minimizing undereye darkness with the addition of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) treatment and targeted products to correct, freshen and revive your eyes.
Take home products – Hydrate Serum $68 | C Power Serum $85 | Eye Corrector $79 | Eye Revive $96