Viva Skin Resurfacing

Are you bothered by your uneven skin texture from scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores or stretchmarks? If you are ready to start looking as young as you feel on the inside, we have a solution for you!! This non surgical wrinkle reduction procedure can help to undo the effects of sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes, diet and other lifestyle factors that can age you prematurely.

This is a more ablative treatment with a little downtime, but is one of the best treatments available. This is similar to microneedling in that it creates micro-damage to your skin, but it has the added benefit of Radio Frequency energy transfer through the pins to add heat to the process. This encourages collagen and elastin production. Fractional will help with pigmentation, acne and other scarring, enlarged pores as well as those fine lines and wrinkles that you no longer want to see in the mirror.

Full Face $449 | Full Face + Neck $549 | Spot treatment from $149

Associated Conditions
Aging Skin >
Fine Lines + Wrinkles >
Scarring >
Skin Laxity >
Stretch Marks >

More than one treatment may be required for maximum results
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Imagine the skin you’ve always wanted. Take the first step towards younger looking skin today! Ask a skin expert what is right for you.

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