Why Fall is a Great Time for Medical Aesthetic Treatments

As the hours of sunlight start to fade and the temperatures begin to drop, many of us are starting to scrutinize the skin damage done by summer’s fun and perhaps a day or two when we didn’t prioritize the SPF. Add to that the fact that we may have put our workouts on hold for a beach day and overindulged at the last summer barbecue. All told, it would seem that September is the new January, and the start of fall is the perfect time to get back on track, and what better way to do it than by investing in that custom aesthetic treatment you’ve been considering.

What Makes Fall the Best Time for an Aesthetic Treatment?

Summer vacations are behind us, the kids are back in school, we’re settling into our routines, and the weather—sometimes cold, rainy, or windy—is made for repair and restoration.

While many non-surgical aesthetic procedures require little to no downtime, it’s often beneficial for skin to avoid direct sunlight following some treatments, as the targeted area may be photosensitive immediately following the session. With golf courses closed for the season, beach days soon behind us, fall routines often lead us to spend more time inside and those rare days we’re outside are often spent in longer layers, meaning skin isn’t exposed to the same degree of sunlight as it is during the hotter summer months. This helps to lower your risk for hyper-pigmentation or brown spots due to sun exposure following an aesthetic procedure.

As well, sliding into a fall routine allows for consistent appointments, making it the ideal season to book that consultation and start a new treatment series. Finally, as we prep for the holidays and a new year, it’s always a bonus to get a head start on holiday party beauty prep and New Year’s resolutions. Wouldn’t the best resolution be to not need one at all?!

With these benefits in mind, what are the best aesthetic treatments to try this fall?

3 Top Aesthetic Treatment Recommendations for Fall

Body Shaping Treatments

Fall is the ideal season to spend some time reaching your weight loss or body shaping goals. While the treatments can be a welcome and warm retreat from cooler temps and rainy days, the season’s warmer layers veil your transformation, as treatment plans generally require at least six to eight sessions to see optimal results. This leads to greater excitement once you finally reveal your stunning results, whether that’s in a body-hugging holiday gown or on a tropical vacation in the new year. Opting for a non-surgical radio frequency body shaping treatment plan in the fall allows for easier scheduling and a more personal weight loss journey.  

Photofacial Treatments

Started noticing brown spots or redness from vascular marks? Increased UV exposure during the hotter months increases the risk for pigmentation from sun damage. With shorter days on the horizon and therefore fewer sunlit hours in the forecast, photofacial treatments are the perfect fall aesthetic treatment to reset skin and reduce signs of sun damage for healthier, younger-looking skin. And because these Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial treatments can make skin sensitive to sunlight immediately afterward, fall’s cloudier days and earlier sunsets help to protect skin and ensure improved results.

Custom Aesthetic Treatments

Obtain optimal results by combining aesthetic treatments for a customized treatment plan. Anti-aging skin tightening and body shaping treatments can be one such option to smooth the silhouette, reduce the lumps and bumps of cellulite, and firm up loose skin to reach your unique body goals. Likewise, Venus TriBella™ three-in-one complete facial treatments combine the benefits of photofacial, anti-aging, and skin resurfacing treatments into each session for improved skin tone, elasticity, and texture.

The results can be phenomenal… and you are worth it!

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